Our Solution


Fast, easy mobile transactions

KaChing! uses a proprietary, patent-pending integration at the Point of Sale to enable fast, convenient, and secure mobile transactions. By scanning a 2D barcode displayed next to the register (not on the phone), consumers can instantly and automatically redeem all applicable coupons.

Integrates seamlessly with POS

Installation takes 10 minutes per store and can be done remotely. KaChing! works with most major POS systems, including NCR, Retalix, Micros, Fujitsu, IBM, and others. No loyalty programs, hardware, or modifications to POS software are required, and the solution is out of scope for PCI compliance.

Analytics and targeting

Our campaign dashboard gives coupon marketers access to easy-to-use campaign management and targeting tools and granular redemption data in real-time, empowering them to run more effective and efficient campaigns.