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Consumers love coupons. Some 3 billion brand manufacturer coupons were redeemed in 2012. However, despite the ubiquity of smartphones, there has not been a widespread shift of manufacturer coupons to mobile platforms. Currently, the major roadblocks to mobile coupons involve redemption at the point-of-sale. Existing mobile coupon solutions have not addressed this issue, and as a result they require specialized equipment, they do not prevent fraud, and they do not track consumer redemption data. KaChing!’s proprietary integration at the point-of-sale allows us to bring manufacturer coupons into the digital age, with instant redemption at checkout, real-time campaign intelligence, fraud elimination, and targeted marketing.


When you run a coupon campaign through KaChing!, you have access to granular redemption data that lets you track the effectiveness of your campaigns and gain unique insights into your customer.


Using a wealth of data on shopping habits and customer preferences, KaChing!’s provides powerful targeting tools that maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns.
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Run your campaigns with peace of mind. KaChing! eliminates coupon fraud by validating coupons at the point-of-sale and making it impossible to duplicate coupons.